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Pacific Coast Automation, Inc., is a full service systems integration firm, including a UL508A and UL698A (for hazardous locations) listed panel assembly facility, providing control system engineering services from conception to design for a variety of industries. Due to our vast knowledge and experience, along with our partners that provide actual field installation services, we can provide our customers with solutions pertaining to a stand-alone application or provide seamless integration across multiple platforms. We provide a competitively priced product without sacrificing quality.



Disclaimer:  Pacific Coast Automation, Inc. (PCA) does not provide ANY field installation services of any kind.  We work closely with a select few highly trained licensed & insured companies that perform all electrical and mechanical installation services for our customers.


UL508A & UL698A Control Panel Design/Assembly

PCA provides its customers with complete turnkey industrial control panel assembly, from electrical design to final testing. We are UL508A & UL698A listed, which means that all of our work is held to the highest standards as set forth by UL. Our company has a proven track record in panel assembly, catering to a variety of industries. Along with our partners licensed to do actual field installation, what you get in the end is a complete package.

Electrical/Controls Engineering Consulting

We provide a variety of consulting services, such as design studies, instrumentation specification, process control, process optimization, etc.

PLC & SCADA/HMI Programming Services

Providing solutions for a multitude of platforms and vendors, PCA has many years of experience in dealing with a variety of controls solutions.

Project Management

There are occasions where some customers don’t have the time to coordinate electrical and controls contractors on specific tasks of a project. This is where PCA is a valuable resource, keeping the project running smoothly and on time.

Onsite Startup Support

No matter where your facility is located, PCA can provide on-site startup programming support, whether it be for a system designed by PCA or some other outfit.

Remote Support

At PCA, we employ many remote support solutions, such as VPN via cellular or standard Internet connections. Through secure tunnels, we are able to provide this support at a fraction of the cost of actually being onsite at your facility.


Process Control

Process control is one of those areas that really takes someone with the expertise and patience to provide a solution to a customer that works

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Plant Utilities

For the most part, utilities at the plant level are usually the most taken for granted.  When you need to use a hose, a drop

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Clean-in-Place (CIP)

One of the most overlooked pieces required for Food and Beverage facilities is the Clean-in-Place (CIP) system.  Due to the vast requirements by Federal, State and

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Site Update

For all of our visitors, we are undergoing a site update which includes a purging of our user database. If for any reason you have

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