Packaging Line Integration

In the world of Food and Beverage packaging, there are many vendors which provide a variety of solutions.  These OEM’s typically sell their systems without taking into consideration anything outside of their “canned” solution.  What about the conveyor systems between two equipment centers?  How do you control the flow of product from one machine to another?

Well, PCA has many years of experience on handling the integration of a variety of machine centers.  In addition, PCA employs the use of “Overall Line Control”.  This provides a complete control of a packaging line by use of sensors (e.g. photoeyes) and interconnecting conveyors that start/stop and speed up/down based upon product flow and overall required line speed set by operations.  Our main line controller will “talk” to each individual equipment center, whether hardwired, Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP, etc, and make the line work in unison, versus having each piece of equipment working separately.  Some examples of interconnected systems include:

  • Depalletizers

    Main Line Control Panel in final fabrication stages.
  • Rinsers
  • Fillers
  • Accumulation Systems
  • Capsulers
  • Labellers
  • Vision Systems
  • Case Packers
  • Palletizers
  • Stretch Wrappers

PCA also provides support to work with each individual OEM vendor to standardize on system communications that are common throughout the production line.  If you are planning construction on a new packaging line, or if your company is looking to upgrade particular portions of an existing line, contact us today to set up an appointment.