Water/Wastewater Treatment

For many plants and municipalities, water and wastewater treatment is one of those “necessary evils” that must be addressed.  As new regulations crop up every year, plants have to not only keep up with current demand, they must also ensure that the water that is discharged from their facility meets or exceeds guidelines or face stiff penalties.  PCA has extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment by employing the latest technologies to achieve these goals.  Whether it’s a new installation or a complete controls overhaul of an existing plant, we can assist starting with the design phase, and with the installation assistance of one of our licensed partners, all the way to a successful startup.

One example of a successful implementation that PCA has recently completed is for a water treatment facility for Tuolumne Utilities District in Columbia, CA.  After numerous service calls to repair a failing controls infrastructure that had been in place for almost 30 years, PCA suggested a complete controls system overhaul that was finally approved.  This included replacing an outdated PLC system, along with several chart recorders and manual switches, so an up-to-date PLC platform and SCADA system.  After carefully mapping out existing wiring and devices by use of old schematics and “cheat sheets”, PCA was able to design, demo, and rebuild a solid system that provided more visualization and control than ever previously imagined.  Today, service calls have been all but completely eliminated, and our customer couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

So, if you’re struggling with an outdated system, or if you’re planning on building new, PCA can be there to assist you every step of the way.  Contact us and let’s get the ball rolling!